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MAYOR: decline in November raised a number of industries, including metallurgy

According to the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation "the Picture industry in November 2017," in the past month, the industrial production showed a decline - due to a sharp reduction in a number of areas, including for the production of non-ferrous metals. (by rebar).

"The November data on industrial production (-3,6% yoy) was significantly worse than market expectations and the forecasts of the Ministry of economic development. With an overall positive impact of the transaction on OPEC+ on the balance of payments the responsible fulfillment of Russia's commitments to limit oil production, together with the unusually warm weather in November resulted in lower production in the mining sector (-1,0% yoy). The temperature factor had a restraining effect on the dynamics of electricity (-6,4% y/y in November), (by rebar).

The decline in manufacturing output in November (-4,7% g/g) was localized in several types of activities, the dynamics of which is characterized by high volatility. The largest negative contribution to the dynamics of the manufacturing sector in November, as in October, made the production of steel, primarily due to a sharp decline in production by the form activity "Production of basic precious metals and other nonferrous metals, nuclear fuel production" (of -19.5% yoy in October -28,7% yoy in November). At this moment, there is no evidence that this decline is fundamental.(by rebar) ...In total, metallurgy, and "other" transport engineering accounted for 4.3 out of 4.7 p. p. (or 90%) of the annual decrease in output of manufacturing industry (the share of these industries in value added was 21.8 percent). (by rebar).

Assessment the median growth rate in the manufacturing industry also indicates that the decline in production in November affected a limited number of sectors and is "local" in nature. In addition to the official data of Rosstat on industry, calculated on the basis of the weighted average formula, the Ministry of economic development estimated the dynamics of the manufacturing industries using the formula median. This approach helps to mitigate the distorting effect on aggregate abnormally high or low growth rates in individual industries. Assessment the median growth rate of the manufacturing industry in November at 2.8% yoy", - reported in the MAYOR. (by rebar).

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Investors from China are going to create a metallurgical cluster in Primorye

In Primorsky Krai will begin implementation of the project on creation of a metallurgical cluster, invested by the industrial consortium from China . Estimated area under construction of port Zarubino. The amount of investment in the project is billion a Consortium of Chinese investors includes companies such as Sinosteel Corporation, Rizhao Steel Holding Group, Jianlong Group, etc., reports a press-service of regional administration.

"The Chinese side is interested in creation of the far East export-oriented cluster of deep processing of steel and manufacture of steel products. It will include a whole chain of new port infrastructure, storage and production. It will be a project at the intersection of the course "One belt and One road" and of course the Russian government and the regional government on the development of a Free port. ...The territory of the Far East, especially Primorsky Krai, has to implement the project all necessary resources, first and foremost, ice-free ports, which will enable the consortium to access the markets of countries in South-East Asia and India.

After approval of location for the project will begin implementation of its first phase, which will take a year. During this time, will create a production base with capacity of 1 million tons of steel products annually. The volume of investments will make 0 million Next base was established will be provided with hi-tech manufacturing material that meets the requirements for environmental protection in Russia. It will be a modern equipment which will be installed in the second and third stages (fittings). The second phase of the project involves increasing capacity to 5 million tons per year, and the third to 10 million tons per year. It is expected that the third phase of the project is possible to localize the production of steel products, which can be in demand in the domestic market, in particular, in Primorsky Krai - it auto parts, components for heavy equipment, components for shipbuilding industry, metal structures," - said in a press release. fittings

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